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          Drinks containing natural sweeteners will dominate the U.S. market in the next 2~3 years!

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          According to sweetener expert John Fry, in the next 2~3 years, drinks containing only natural sweeteners will gradually occupy the U.S. market! Fry Connect Consulting is the director, he said that the future held in June 1st webinar, most consumers are very popular drinks will be those who use pure natural sweeteners, such as Stevia and Jeffrey, "natural zero calorie" products


           In recent years, concerns about obesity and sugar intake have driven interest in low sugar and diet drinks. As in recent months, the so-called "sugar tax" appeared in the British soft drinks in the industry, the degree of concern for low sugar beverage more promotion, discuss these products will be invested in other major markets.

          In 2015, insight into the UK Novartis market found that, for American consumers, the sugar content of the food affected 57% of the purchase decisions. In Britain, the sugar tax policy will be implemented in 2018, and the data will reach 60%. In the British government's budget in March 2016, it announced that the use of sugar in soft drinks will be taxed from April 2018 onwards. This is mainly for the two brands of products: "one category is more than 5% of the beverage brand sugar, and the other is more than 8% of the beverage brand sugar content.". For 330 ml cans, 6-8 pounds will be levied, but juice drinks and milk drinks are excluded. Britain is one of the first countries to begin levying sugar tax, and Mexico will also implement this policy in the next few years. However, the success of coping with the obesity problem in the country is limited." Another speaker at the webinar was Lu Ann Wiiliams, the director of insight at Novartis, who said that the sugar tax could not really solve the obesity problem. "I think it's like sticking a plaster on a big wound. We see more and more kinds of consumers drink, sugar tax seems to be a very good method to solve this kind of problems, but I don't think it will have an effect on all issues related to obesity."

          Fry agrees with Williams: "for example, in the UK, if you pay attention to children's intake of sugar sources, there will be 30% from soft drinks, 29% from cereals and bakery products. These years, soft drinks have been trying to reduce the sugar content of the product, but it is still very difficult, and cereal food and baking food industry and what didn't do, nor be taxed."

          Reducing sugar content is a global practice, and it's already on the agenda. Recently, the United States in May 20th, FDA completed the latest nutrition labels, including food packaging labels, add sugar to requirements expressed as a percentage of the recommended daily calorie intake. Most of the food manufacturers are required to use the latest nutrition labels before July 26, 2018. The latest nutritional label for the first time contains the amount of sugar added".


          Pure natural and clean labels are the biggest driver of new product development today, and this will be the largest investment area for large food companies."

          "We are returning to a more balanced lifestyle. The use of natural sweeteners is not entirely driven by consumers. Nowadays, sugar has become more and more difficult to understand." Williams says.

          Fry believes that the core reason for the beverage to be the key target product of glucose lowering is the same as the main reason for its becoming the main target of pure natural sweeteners. He said: "for sugar removal, sweeteners, drinks are a very simple object of application. Because in soft drinks, the main function of sugar is to provide sweetness, that's all. In most other foods, sugar more features, can be used as bulking agent or preservative, if you will be completely removed from the sugar products, then you will lose not only sweet, you will also lose the original function of sugar, so it needs more steps and measures to complete."

          "Every flavor store in the world sells you sweet food, not sugar. But these products tasted like sugar, and stevia, without exception, became one of these products. They add Stevia to the product in the form of sweetener, which is completely different from ordinary sugar." Fry says.

          Fry claims that in the future, the amount of natural sweetener added to drinks depends entirely on the sweetness of the product. "If you're trying to reach the level of today's soft drink sweeteners, like 10% sugar, it's hard to reach it in a short time. In those areas that allow the use of Momordica fruit as a sweetener, the above changes will happen - just like the United states. It is expected that you will soon see the addition of pure natural sweeteners to sweet products such as 10% sugar."

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